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The Team

Lead Designers

Melissa – ” I wanted to help create a space for girls & Women a say in how they feel to express their voices and to also get involved in their community.”.

Amal – Being a confident muslim girl is difficult in a society where there is a lot of criticism words both muslims and womes. So, I wanted to be a part of Muslimah Matters to help make a place for young girls to open up and avoid them learning else where.

Priya – ” I wanted to help give women a voice as well as help women empower themselves by creating this website this should make people aware of womens situations in society.”

Simran – ” I wanted to help in giving women an opportunity to express their own opinions.”

Aisha – ” Being apart of this allowed me to voice my opinions as a female, muslim and teenager in confidence.”

Sabreen – ” This gave me the opportunity to come together with other groups of teenagers who felt the same way I did about being muslim in this society. It also gave me the chance to speak on my views.”